Thank you to Colorado State University Libraries for supporting the poster session

1. Integrating Biodiversity Content: ICZN -> ZooBank -> IR -> IA

Sue Ann Gardner, Paul Royster

University of Nebraska-Lincoln, United States of America


2. Researcher Approved: a Multi-institutional Survey of Depositors to Six Academic Data Repositories

Sarah J. Wright1, Wanda Marsolek2, Hoa Luong3, Sophia Lafferty-Hess4, Jake Carlson5, Susan Braxton3

1: Cornell University; 2: University of Minnesota; 3: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; 4: Duke University; 5: University of Michigan


3. Research Data Management at TU Wien

Maximilian Johannes Moser, Tomasz Miksa

TU Wien, Austria


4. Recommendation and integration of bibliographical references and personal identifiers during import procedures – collaboratively with researchers

Johanna Staudinger, Steffen Illig, Florian Gantner

University of Bamberg, Germany


5. Information Policies of Institutional Repositories of Federal Universities in Brazil: the librarian who manages digital preservation




6. Achimota Government Hospital And Patients Data Relationship At The Hospital

Kwame Opoku Sakyiamah

Student, Ghana


7. The United Colors of Bots: Seven Steps to Detect and Reduce Machine-Based Statistics in Open Institutional Repositories

Tal Ayalon

World Bank Group, United States of America


8. Audiovisual Accessibility Builds a Bridge to Diverse User Communities

Melissa Morrow1, Kristi L. Park2, Courtney C. Mumma2

1: Texas Tech University Library; 2: Texas Digital Library


9. The EOSC DIH “ELD Advance“ project

Andrea Bollini1, Irene Buso1, Susanna Mornati1, Giuseppe Digilio1, Luca Giamminonni1, Androniki Pavlidou2

1: 4Science, Italy; 2: OpenAIRE A.M.K.E.


10. Episciences: enhancing interoperability and metadata between an overlay journal platform, linked repositories and OpenAIRE open sciences tools and services

Raphaël Tournoy1, Silvio Peroni2, Jose Benito Gonzalez Lopez3

1: CNRS; 2: University of Bologna; 3: CERN


11. Finding the Right Fit: Streamlining Self-Archiving to Support Author Success

Hope Craft

Iowa State University, United States of America


12. Building across Silos: Bolstering Data Discovery and Collaboration across Specialized Data Repositories, Services, and Platforms

Nicole Contaxis, Michelle Yee, Ummea Urmi

NYU Health Sciences Library, NYU Langone Health


13. SQaaS – Ensuring Software, Service and Data quality automatically in open repositories

Fernando Aguilar1, Pablo Orviz1, Isabel Bernal2

1: IFCA-CSIC, Spain; 2: URICI-CSIC, Spain


14. IMLS Grant Update – Fedora Migration Paths and Tools: A Pilot Project

Arran Griffith1, Robin Ruggaber2

1: LYRASIS, Canada; 2: University of Virginia


15. Using R to harvest metadata on individuals and publications associated with an organization

Clarke Iakovakis

Oklahoma State University, United States of America


16. Everyone makes mistakes: Building trust and psychological safety in a shared digital object management system

Brian Luna Lucero, Esther Jackson

Columbia University Libraries, United States of America


17. Programmable Data Repositories

Cheng-Jen Lee, Tyng-Ruey Chuang

Academia Sinica, Taiwan


18. How can Artificial Intelligence increase the accessibility of electronic documents?

Łukasz Kobyliński, Łukasz Skonieczny

Sages sp. z o.o., Poland