The final details on the agenda for the OR2022 conference are being completed and a full program will be listed here when available.  Papers and poster sessions which have been accepted will be notified starting around April 15th.

Preconference Programs

Two pre-conference workshops are being offered on June 6th which will be held in the Student Service Building on the Auraria campus in the same facility as the full conference. If you are interested in attending one of these free programs please select them during registration for the full conference.

1. Welcome to Fedora 6.0 (80 maximum attendance)

Presenting authors: Arran Griffith and Daniel Bernstein, LYRASIS, Canada

Abstract: In July, 2021, the long-awaited Fedora 6.0 was released. This workshop will provide an overview of the software itself, a look at our roadmap and path to release, as well as dive into some important new features that helped return Fedora to it’s digital preservation roots. We will showcase and demonstrate the much-anticipated migration tooling and documentation as we work through a hands-on migration. Lastly we will demonstrate how to integrate Fedora with your ecosystem via the Camel Toolbox.

This is a technical workshop pitched at an introductory level so no prior Fedora experience is required. General knowledge of the role and functionalities of repositories would be beneficial. Attendees who wish to participate in the optional hands-on sections will need to access an online sandbox via a URL which will be provided ahead of the workshop.

2. InvenioRDM Workshop 2022 (100 maximum attendance)

Presenting authors: Sara Gonzales, Northwestern University; Konstantins Bogucarskis, European Commission, Joint Research Centre; Matthew B. Carson, Northwestern University; Steve Eardley, Cottage Labs; Anders Friis-Christensen, European Commission, Joint Research Centre; Karen Gutzman, Northwestern University; Laura Henze, New York University; Kristi L. Holmes, Northwestern University; Camelia Ignat, European Commission, Joint Research Centre; Maximilian Moser, Technische Universität Wien; Eric Newman, Northwestern University; Ekaterina Pechekhonova, New York University; Austin Sharp; Northwestern University; Guillaume Viger, Northwestern University; Lars Holm Nielsen, European Organization for Nuclear Research

Abstract: InvenioRDM is a next-generation turnkey repository and research data management framework to support FAIR practices and enable discovery of a wide range of digital assets. InvenioRDM can be implemented locally and will soon serve as the foundation for Zenodo. This InvenioRDM workshop will offer an opportunity for repository managers, developers, decision makers, and librarians to familiarize themselves with the open source repository framework, while interacting directly with key project developers and community members. This day-long workshop will contain six sessions, alternating formats between lecture, hands-on installation work, interactive discussions, and Q&A’s. Through these sessions, we will introduce attendees to the InvenioRDM framework, share how they can become involved in the project, and highlight key real-world implementations both from a technical viewpoint, and from the viewpoint of community members who support their local instances through policy development, communication, and outreach. Attendees will learn key tips for launching a repository at their institutions, as well as forge connections with active members of the InvenioRDM team. The InvenioRDM project is built upon a strong multi-national collaboration of academic, research, funding, and industry partners from Europe, Asia, Africa, and North America.